Foundation Goals



The Kewanee School District has developed a high quality educational program that provides students with enrichment, acceleration and attention to special needs. Attaining excellent educational programs and services requires facilities, cultural experiences, state-of-the-art technology, resource materials and, especially, outstanding teachers.

Meeting the current and future educational needs of all students so that they may be productive citizens requires a substantial investment. Particularly given the current conservative economy, most school districts no longer have discretionary funds for services and activities that exceed minimum needs and requirements. These circumstances call for finding new resources to assist in building and increasing excellence in our schools.


The mission of the Kewanee Schools Foundation is to strengthen the education opportunities for students of the Kewanee School District and promote community engagement in the Kewanee School District.

The Foundation will achieve its mission by directing resources toward the following goals:

  •  Strengthen and enrich learning through the development of innovative programs;   
  •  Support additional training and resources for educators of the Kewanee School District;     
  •  Provide the tools to prepare students for future success;
  •  Inspire parents and community members to participate with the school system to enrich education;     
  •  Build community support and positive attention to the Kewanee School District.

Objectives 2018-19:

The major objectives of the Foundation will be to:

  •  Provide resources that support the intent of the Endowment of Dr. Francis Horler, and have been recommended by the faculty and administration of Kewanee High School;
  • Conduct opportunities that result in increased financial support of the Foundation by the employees of the District;   
  • Enhance relationships with current and potential major donors; develop increased awareness and understandings of giving options;
  • Develop the effective use of electronic and social media;
  • Increase the financial resources for support of the Dual Credit and additional scholarships at Kewanee High School to $100,000.