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   Establishing an Endowed Scholarship

 What is an endowed Scholarship?

An endowed scholarship is named by the donor and directed to benefit any category of graduate in the pursuit of his or her higher education. 

The donor establishes the general criteria for selection and the intent of the scholarship.  The donor also provides general information relating to the purpose of the scholarship and background information that the public should know about the benefactor when the scholarship is announced.  An endowed scholarship never quits giving, as only the interest earned on the principal of the scholarship is used each year. 


What would it cost to establish an endowed scholarship?

In order to provide an endowed scholarship, the donor must provide an amount of $10,000 or greater.  The fund may be established over a period of up to five years at $2000 per year.  While the fund is being established, any interest earned will be added to the principal.  No scholarship may be issued until the $10,000 level has been reached.  Donors providing gifts not qualifying for an endowed scholarship have many other options to consider, including making a contribution to the general endowment fund or contributing funds for an annual scholarship.  All donors providing a gift of $200 or greater will be recognized on the Kewanee School Foundation's Wall of Honor.  

Is there a need for endowed scholarships at Kewanee High School?

While several scholarships have been established at Kewanee High School over the years, many more are needed to make an impact upon assisting students with their college expenses.  Endowed Scholarships are a valuable incentive in encouraging students to pursue higher education.  Each year, over 100 students graduate from Kewanee High School.  Currently only approximately twenty percent of the graduates receive scholarships valued at $500 or more. 

What is the purpose of providing an endowed scholarship?

There are many benefits to endowed scholarships.  These include:

  • The belief that assisting local students will help improve our community. 
  • The basic desire to assist local students in improving their lives through the success resulting from higher education. 
  • To memorialize a loved one.
  • The idea of giving back to the community and school who provided the donor with a great education. 
  • The wish to honor or remember an individual or family by having a scholarship established in their name that will last forever. 



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