Hall of Fame

The Kewanee High School Athletic Hall of Fame is dedicated to the outstanding athletes, teams, coaches and supporters of the Boilermaker community who, through their efforts and achievements have brought honor and recognition to themselves, Kewanee High School, their families and our community.  

Congratulations to the inductees for 2019.  Click here for a full listing.  The induction ceremony will be held Saturday, October 12, 2019.  


CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 2017 HALL OF FAME INDUCTEES.  Click HERE for the full list of inductees.  


                                             Mr. Ed Tunnicliff (KHS Class of 1944) 



          During the summer of 2002, the Costenson brothers David ’67 and Garry ’80 were having a discussion with their father John ’39 about the lack of recognition for the great athletes at Kewanee High School.  John, who was in ill health and passed on not long after, charged his sons with the duty of honoring great Kewanee High School athletes, coaches, friends, and teams.

            The Costenson brothers sought out their friends and fellow Boilermakers to make this happen.  Charter members were Bill Breedlove, John Blachinsky, Jerry Salisbury, and then to follow is now a 17 member strong Hall of Fame committee.

            This labor of love has become a phenomenal success with inductions in 2004, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2011 and 2013.  The next induction ceremony has been tentatively scheduled for September 18, 2015.

            With the support of Kewanee Schools Foundation and CUSD #229, the Hall of Fame ceremonies are a first class weekend for our honorees.

            In 2004, our first induction was held in the lobby of the Petersen Auditorium with past state champions, and the initial class inducted.  In 2006, the induction included a banquet and an expanded program. 

            Due to increased attendance at the ceremonies, the 2007 banquet moved to Good’s Gym at Kewanee High School, with the induction ceremony held in the Petersen Auditorium.

            In 2009, the banquet was dedicated to the late Dot Larson and officially was named as the Dot Larson Memorial Hall of Fame Banquet.  Expanded video presentation was provided at the induction ceremony.

            The 2011 induction ceremony was another memorable evening for those in attendance.  Some of the ceremony's best moments revolved around family.  Phil Miler mastered the ceremony with all the laughs he generated.  Phil's knowledge and delivery of KHS sports history added flair and class to the event.

            The Hall of Fame committee is a volunteer group who gives of their time and effort.  As we have lost members of the group, others have stepped in to fill the void.   The entire group, that “bleeds orange”, is committed to Kewanee sports.  We look forward to the new home and the future of the Kewanee Sports Hall of Fame.  If you would like to nominate an individual, please CLICK HERE for the nomination form.

 Former Inductees to the KHS Athletic Hall of Fame

CLASS of 2004

Mr. Richard “Dick” Green ‘44                          Mr. Em Lindbeck ‘52

Mr. Ray Washburn ‘14                                   Mr. Adam Lazar ‘46

Mr. Eudell “Lump” Watts ‘28                           Mr. Frank Tocha

Mr. Emerit Hodge ‘08                                     Ms. Kelle Lindbeck Oest ‘80

Mr. Ed Tunnicliff ‘44                                      Mr. H.F. Brockman

Mr. Don Sckrabulis ‘50                                  1934 Football Team

Mr. Robert “Bob” Petersen                             1949 Golf Team

1946-47 Boys Basketball Team                      Mr. Ed “Zimbo” Wysowski ‘38

Mr. Tom Smith ‘71                                         Mr. Dan Breedlove ‘73

Mr. Ronald Fulton ‘61                                     Mr. Bob Breedlove

Mr. Clarence Spears                                      Robert “Sportsland” Westlund


CLASS of 2006

1934-1935 Boys Basketball Team                  Mr. Jack Bystry

1987-88 Girls Basketball Team                      Mr. Steve Draminski ‘93

Mr. Mike Kirkham                                         Mr. Robert (Flash) Graves ‘45

Mr. Galen Landis                                          Mr. Bill Walton ‘47

VFW Post 8078                                            Mr. Melvin (Mickey) Bates ‘52

Mr. Mick Shinkevich                                     Mr. Marty O’Connor ‘47

Mr. John (Rusty) Lams                                  Mrs. Diane Crowell Walker ‘80

Mr. Larry Standaert                                       Mrs. Amy Reecy Mclean

Mr. Paul Bystry                                            Mr. Armondo (Mondo) Lopez

Mrs. Diane Vandemore Savage ‘82


CLASS of 2007

1996 Cross Country State Champions            Ms. Kim Ellenberger ‘91

1971 Elite 8 Boys Basketball Team                Mr. Bob Farmer Fulton ‘44

Cougars State Champions                             Mr. Bob (Swede) Norquist ‘46

1976-77 Girls Basketball Team                       Mr. Bunny Krapousky ‘39

Mr. Jim VanHootegem                                   Mr. George (Jada) Puskar ‘35

Mr. William (Bill) Jenkins ‘27                          Mr. Phil Miler ‘43

Mr. George Cernovich ‘52                              Mr. John Redebaugh ‘66

Mr. John Blachinsky ‘65                                Mr. Don Salisbury ‘72

Mr. Dale Wasson                                          Ms. Jenny Salisbury ‘91

Ms. Rachel Woods-Damm ‘93


CLASS of 2009

1963 Football Team                                     Mr. Jerry Nell

1979-80 Boys Basketball Team                    Mr. Keith Davis ‘53

1988-89 Elite 8 Girls Basketball Team           Mr. Shawn Welti ‘86

Mr. Ken Vincent                                          Mr. Mark Petersen ‘87

Mr. George Keist                                         Mr. Michael Walker ‘98

Mr. & Mrs. James Golby                              Mr. Joel Bourque ‘99

Mr. Ted Vlahos                                            Ms. Dot Larson ‘49


CLASS of 2011

Dr. James Breed                                         Mr. Terry Zang

Mr. Dave Costenson                                    Mr. Loring Keach

Mr. Ross Anderson                                      Mr. Tom Miler

Mr. Dave Edleman                                       Miss Angie Peach

Mr. Jim Peck                                               Mr. Paul Ptasnik

Mrs. Gini (Gruszecka) Bennison                    Mr. Scott Salisbury

Mrs. Kim (Miler) Boland                                Mr. Mickey Tiemann

Mr. Myron Fulton                                          Miss Jamie Townsend

Mr. Jim VanHootegem, Jr.                             Mrs. Kelly (Labedis) VanWinkle

Mr. Matt Jenkin                                            1994 Track and Field

Mr. William Jenkins


CLASS of 2013

Coach                                                      Team

David VanNieuwenhuyse                            1914-15 Football

                                                                    1941-42 Baseball

Friends                                                       1978-79 Volleyball

Dr. Rick Cernovich ‘72

Jerry Gustafson ‘58 

Female Athletete

Maribeth (Egert) Dura ‘79

Heidi Goodbar ‘89

Diane (Reiff) Reeser ‘85

Lindsay Stalzer ‘02

Male Athletes

Jason Abbot ‘96

Niels “The Great Dane” Fuglsang ‘16

Eugene “Ding” Nass ‘47

Matt Salisbury ‘01

Garner Simpkins ‘94


CLASS of 2015


Greg Christakos

Chris Gustafson '84

Bill Taylor


Sue Blake

Betsy Tocha

Distinguished Alumni

Bob Prusator

Gary Johnson '61

Don Peden '17

Female Athletes

Autumn (Salisbury) McGarvey '01

Brooke (Bryner) Jewell '02

Rachael Toliver '92

Lindsay Osborne '04

Male Athletes

Jerry Warner '54

Tom Prusator '77

James Hart '78

Hayden Johnson '59

Manuel Palafox '98


1926-27 Football

1937-38 Golf

1951-52 Football

1999-2000 Football






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