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Alumni Information
Alumni Directory
The Alumni Directory is for official School and Alumni Association use and also for individual communication of a personal nature between members listed therein. Use of the directory for any other purpose, including, but not limited to, reproducing and storing in a retrieval system by any means, electronic or mechanical, photocopying or using the addresses or other information contained in the directory for any private, commercial, or political mailing is strictly prohibited and is in direct violation of copyright and constitutes misappropriation of corporate property.
To search for classmates
Follow the e-mail link below and provide the Webmaster with your name at time of graduation, current name, year of graduation, and description of request. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but we feel strongly about maintaining privacy for our alumni. If you do not receive your requested information within 24 hours, please advise the Webmaster by e-mailing to the address below or calling (309) 856-8702.  If you notice alumni information that needs updated, please e-mail or contact us with the changes.  We strive to keep the most recent alumni information on record in our office.
Are you receiving the Alumni Update Newsletter and the Annual Report?
The Kewanee Schools Foundation is proud to offer the Alumni Update Newsletter to the alumni and friends of Kewanee School District #229.  The Alumni Update is published and sent once a year in July and is full of great information including special events and fundraisers conducted by the Foundation, alumni information such as reunions and updates on classmates, special stories about KHS students and alumni, and much much more!  The Annual Report is published and sent in November.  If you would like to receive this very informative and enjoyable newsletter and annual report, please contact us and we would be glad to add you to the nearly 6,000 people on our mailing list.  You also have the option of receiving this newsletter and annual report via e-mail, just let us know.  The Alumni Update Newsletter and the Annual Report are now available online!  Click on Newsletters on the left side. 
Would you like to create a Class Website for your KHS Class?
The Kewanee Schools Foundation has created a Class Website Portal for all alumni and guests to find any KHS class website and members of each class.  The website is available at
The website makes it simple to find any KHS Class that has a website, links to other Kewanee Schools or Kewanee Schools Foundation information and also allows a simple solution for donations to the Kewanee Schools Foundation.  Any KHS class has the opportunity to create their very own website with the guidance and assistance from the Kewanee Schools Foundation. For more information on creating your own Class Website, contact the Kewanee Schools Foundation office at (309) 856-8702 or email Mindi Goard at