Board and Staff

 Our Mission

To strengthen the education and extra-curricular opportunities of the district students by generating financial support and leadership through its alumni and community.

Our Board of Directors

The Kewanee Schools Foundation is led by a nineteen member volunteer Board of Directors.  These dedicated individuals meet regularly with the future of Kewanee Schools in mind.  Members include:

Mr. Tom Ratliff, President

Dr. Jeff Johnson, Vice-President

Mr. Craig Gustafson, Treasurer

Mr. Todd Reeser, Secretary

Dr. Chris Sullens, Superintendent of Schools

Mr. Wayne Becker

Mrs. Sue Blake

Mr. Amron Buchanan

Mrs. Lori Christiansen

Mr. Lance Dolieslager

Rev. David Kniker

Mrs. Amy Lewis

Mr. Roger Malcolm

Mr. Scott Steffen

Mr. William Stewart

Our Staff

The Kewanee Schools Foundation employs a part-time Foundation Director and a full-time Admininstrative Assistant to handle the daily activities of the organization.  The Kewanee Schools Foundation office is located adjacent to the Community State Bank Conference Room across from the Kewanee High School administrative offices.  The hours of the Kewanee Schools Foundation office are Monday-Friday 7:30 - 4:30 pm or by appointment.  

Mr. Bruce Dennison  -  Executive Director

Mrs. Mindi Goard -  Foundation Administrative Assistant


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