GEM - Monthly Giving


Kewanee Schools Foundation is excited to offer a new monthly giving program called GEM (Give Every Month) to ensure donations are available to students of the Kewanee School District when needed. 

By participating in the GEM program, regular monthly gifts are transferred from your credit card or bank account (ACH), and can be adjusted or suspended at any time by contacting the Kewanee Schools Foundation.

With as little a donation of $10 to $50 per month, Kewanee Schools Foundation can deliver the many resources and services that the students and teachers of Kewanee Community Unit School District #229 rely upon. Here are examples of how your monthly gift matters to the Kewanee School District:


$10 a month (33 cents/day) can provide reading books for a classroom or school library.


$20 a month (67 cents/day) can provide instructional supplies and lab equipment.


$30 a month ($1/day) can provide extracurricular and cultural opportunities for students.

$40 a month ($1.33/day) can provide teachers and staff with continuing education and training.

$50 a month ($1.67/day) can provide general scholarships for our graduating seniors.

What kind of difference would you like to make? No matter the amount, your recurring donation has a serious impact, making it easier to address the areas of greatest need within the Kewanee School District.  If you would like to become a GEM member, please click on the "donate" link below.

Won’t you join now?



Thank you for your kind consideration and support of the Kewanee Schools Foundation and Kewanee School District.