Scholarship Data Form

This form assists the selection committee in making decisions related to your qualifications for scholarships provided by the Kewanee Schools Foundation, Kewanee High School, and other organizations. Please provide accurate and complete information in the spaces provided below. This form can be downloaded to a computer by accessing and clicking Scholarship Data Form.

Scholarships listed within the Scholarship Guide will be funded to the levels indicated only if funds are available at the time the award is presented.  If any problems exist relating to the funding, the recipient will be informed in writing.

Note to KHS Students - This form will be forwarded directly to the office of Ms. Paula Evans.  All inquiries should be directed to her office. 


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1)   Name

2)   SAT and/or ACT Score

3)   College: First Choice

4)   College: Second Choice

5)   College: Third Choice

6)   College Major:

7)   College Minor:

8)   High School Extra-Curricular Activities:

9)   Work Experience:

10)   Career Goals: